It was time to go home. 

My little boy didn’t want to leave the playground. He went on the pirate ship and came off it. I started walking towards home and then the tears started streaming. He wanted to go on the pirate ship and he wouldn’t let it go. I picked him up and carried him onto the pirate ship for the last time that day and then we could go home.

Another time, it was bedtime and I normally read 2 bedtime stories and then it is lights out. This night, he went on and on about having another story. I refused to give in because I knew that that was a slippery slope. Two books would become three. Three books would become four and I dread to think of the precedence it would be setting for nights to come.

As I am sure many of you with kids know, it’s one of the first lessons to learn. Pick your battles.

There are times we need to stick our heels in and not budge and times where we need to let things go. There’s so much going on in the world, there are plenty of areas that could do with help. It’s time to decide what is worth fighting for. Through our everyday choices, we are in a way of picking our battles. How we spend our money, what we consume, where we give energy, where we turn up.

Pick your battles.

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