Where do you go if you want to learn something? Do you start with a Google search or YouTube? Then pick up a book that goes more in-depth. An online course attracts you. You join a forum. Then you find a coach that can help you or show you what you can do. There are many ways to learn and very individual for each of us.


We have been looking for a coach to support us with teaching our little boy language and communication skills. And we went through exactly this process, doing searches to find out what type of methodologies there are out there, read books on the topic and bought an online course.


My husband saw an expert on Swedish TV covering the topic and said: “I want to work with this guy”. We looked him up and on our recent trip to Sweden, met him and started working with him. It’s brought all the things we had read up on to life. It was so helpful for us to see him in action with our little boy so that we could learn. We were able to ask questions and we have a much clearer view on how we can train with our son.


Books in itself weren’t enough for us at this stage. We needed a more hands-on approach to get started. And I am so glad we did because we know we have a roadmap to follow and support at hand.


What is the right level of support for you?