“I’m not keen on blogging but I would like to make a podcast”

A few of my entrepreneur friends have said this to me over the last few months and it got me thinking about learning styles (1); how we like to learn and absorb material.

With visual, you prefer using images and pictures, aural with sound and music, verbal with words in speech and writing, physical with body, hands and touch, logical with logic, reasoning and systems.

Like most categorizations, we tend to be a mix, however we tend to have a preferred style. When I consume material, I prefer verbal – watching speeches and reading books or blogs, visual – enjoying videos and aural listening to podcasts.

However when I produce material, I lean towards verbal. I enjoy creating speeches and using the written word, hence this blog.

Whilst it doesn’t have to be a one on one correlation, I can imagine that your preferred producing style will be similar to your learning style. The key is to find which style appeals the most to you because that way it is going to be so much easier for you to produce content.

So if you have struggled to produce content, ask yourself why, look at how you like to learn and try out a few different ways of producing to see what works for you best.

Are you a blogger, podcaster, youtuber or something else? ☺ What’s your producing style?


1) Learning styles Overview