Have you ever sat down to write and found that nothing seems to flow? It could be a blog post, a report, website text, an email, or even a text. Then write it for the bin.

First drafts are exactly what it says on the box – first drafts. It’s the rewriting, redrafting, refining, and editing of something that makes it better or even special. Sometimes we need ten drafts before we can even start to put it out but at least there’s a basis, there’s something to build upon and work on.

For those that journal, they say to get into the flow is to start writing, just write your thoughts, even if it’s along the lines of “I don’t know what to write…..bla bla bla” and eventually something clearer will come out of it. Nuggets of wisdom, moments of genius, stuff you would be proud of….. so don’t be afraid of writing for the bin.

What I like about this technique is that it gets you going, you don’t have to wait for the inspiration muse to touch you. It doesn’t have to perfect, in fact, you know it’s not going to be, taking off the pressure. It’s the equivalent of warming up your vocal cords but in this case, writing.

To be honest, this isn’t just for writing, it could be for other things like sculpting, painting, programming code, whatever you would like to get going with and get better at.

What are you going to do for the bin?