Everyone needs someone to encourage them out of their comfort zone.

I have a Henrik. That’s my husband. Everyone needs a Henrik once in a while to get you to do something different.

This time, we wanted to visit the funfair near us during the Knabenschiessen (1) weekend. Henrik offered to rent a public e-bike for me to try out. They’ve installed a station right by where I live so I thought why not.

It was my first time on an e-bike and wheeee…. off I went. It made my old bike feel like a truck because this felt so light and easy. We went up the steady but nonetheless very uphill hill all the way to the funfair.

I was impressed. I would have been tired, no let me be honest, exhausted by this point on my usual bike. Yet with the e-bike, it didn’t feel like hard work at all.

When we got back, Henrik suggested I sell my old bike. It’s like when you have tasted Swiss chocolate, it’s hard to go back to your old chocolate. That’s the same kind of feeling I had.

I’m grateful to have a Henrik in my life as an instigator for new things and someone who nudges me out of my comfort zone. It’s only through trying new things every now and then that you get to experience the world more.

Who’s your instigator?