“Have you ever done this before?”

“Ages ago, it’s not that hard though.” My husband and I were discussing carving a pumpkin. It was the night before Halloween and our pumpkin had been sitting on our counter for a while. We found a carving kit with a little knife, templates, crayons, and scoop. My husband starting carving. With the right tools and even a template we could stick on the pumpkin, step by step, it was easy.

Sometimes we think things are hard because we’re not tried it before. Let’s say we order a curry we like from the local Vietnamese restaurant. Then we find a recipe and we realise how easy it is to make it ourselves. With the right ingredients and the recipe, step by step, once again it’s no longer a mystery.

That’s why I love the step by step guides. It takes the difficulty out of anything. I’m often talking about breaking big tasks into small steps. You can find step by step guides in almost all areas of life. From dog training to building a business. From learning to play golf to decluttering your flat.

It’s a method that has worked for someone. It doesn’t mean that it will work for you but at least it provides a basis. If you are serious about developing a new skill, it’s useful to read up or consult with multiple sources. So that you can find the right step by step method for you.