“I lost 30kg in the last few months”

In one of the mastermind groups we run, one of the participants shared something that had worked wonders for him. He shared that he had struggled with his weight for a long time. He had an exercise bike at home but he wasn’t using it. How many of us can relate to that, having exercise equipment that doesn’t get touched?

He explained that the bike was on a different floor. Despite wanting to use it, he would get distracted in the morning and during the day and be too tired by the end of the day to use it.

One day, he figured that he had to make it easy for himself. He moved the bike from the floor below to his bedroom, essentially transforming his bedroom into a gym. He put his workout chart on the bedroom door so there was no way could leave the room without seeing it. He does his workout in the morning and he’s finished by 9am, down at the kitchen table, ready for the day.

I love this simple but super effective idea. His health is a priority for him and he deliberately set up his environment to work for him, and it delivered results.

Whilst you may not want to move your exercise bike to your bedroom, what can you do to make it easy, so easy for yourself that your highest priority becomes a no-brainer?