“Are you in?” “Yes, I’m in”

In our recent Flip the Script Mastermind Group, we created a challenge. One that everyone could play along with. One where we could grow our businesses or what we were working on at the same time.

For those that had social media accounts, we decided to grow our following by 5 followers every week. At first, I thought 5 sounded a bit low and I was eager to up the number myself, however, we decided it was better for it to be sustainable and habit building. Slow and steady with rather a lower number than high so we keep going with it and not burn out.

One of the participants said, “What happens if we manage to do it?” Hmmm… good question, that’s the spirit! So we decided that if everyone manages to keep it up, they get a bonus RTT session. Great to have the accountability and some skin in the game for everyone to keep up.

I must admit, I’m a bit of a gamer by heart, I love board games, I buy puzzle games for my little boy, I’ve been known to be anti-social because I’m playing a game or solving a puzzle so this is right up my street. Everyone else is stepping up their game too.

If you’re a gamer, set up a scoreboard and bring your best game!


  • I created a little scoreboard on a free tool Keep the Score and shared it with the mastermind group. https://keepthescore.co/