Kevin Hart is about to go on stage to talk about his sitcom and just as he’s going out, he gets stopped by a guy with a mike who tells him his sitcom’s been pulled.

I’m listening to an excellent book on Audible, it’s called “I can’t make this up. Life lessons” by Kevin Hart (1). I bought it on a whim and I’m so glad I did.

Kevin is hilarious and down to earth. He talks about funny and serious stuff. From his crazy family to his stint as a sneaker salesman to standup comedian and now I’m at the part where he’s getting into the LA sitcom and movie scene.

Whilst most of us think life sucks when we get one rejection, these guys eat rejection for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nowhere in the world could be more competitive and cutthroat than Hollywood.

Yet still, Kevin manages to stick it out. What really stands out is his attitude. He has such an amazing attitude. If I can have half his attitude, I’ll be happy.

I’m inspired by how he shows up, he prepares on a totally different level, brings great energy, connects with people, often choosing to laugh instead of cry.

It’s clearly gutting his sitcom got pulled yet he chooses to stay the weekend, makes the most of it, parties and networks, showing people that he can take it, he chooses his attitude.

You can always choose your attitude.


1) I can’t make this up. Life Lessons by Kevin Hart