“How would you cut this cake into 8 pieces using 3 cuts?”

Years ago, a creative speaker I was working with asked the audience this question. Most of the people stopped once they had one answer. One solution solves the problem. Makes sense. The speaker went on to show them a solution after solution. Lots of different ways to solve the same problem. He challenged everyone to think outside of the box and continue coming up with solutions because the first idea is not necessarily the best. What else is possible?

Recently a client talked about coming up with 3 ideas a day for his film script. He said it kept the creativity flowing. I loved that he had set this up for himself, challenging himself every day. What I loved, even more, was that he added one more word to this sentence. He added the word Minimum. He was to come up with a minimum of 3 ideas a day.

Once the ideas are flowing, let them continue. Sure, there may be days when you struggle to come up with the minimum but there may be others when they just keep coming so you don’t want to stop the flow.

All my clients now get a “Minimum” added to what they are working on. It feels more open and expansive. It is also an opportunity to come up with wacky, unusual, and strange ideas because sometimes they’re the best.

Don’t stop there.