Over the past few years, I’ve been specialising in helping people overcome procrastination, to get out there and do the things they want. That could be writing a book, producing art, speaking in public, stopping self-sabotage, speaking up, and more. 

Lately, people have been coming to see me for their relationships. For example, when they notice a pattern that keeps happening at work like having trouble speaking to their bosses or feeling reluctant to be a manager. Some have noticed that they are attracting the same type of partner which doesn’t work out. It often takes a few iterations of these patterns before they notice it. But once they do, it’s valuable information because you can do something about it.

The more you find yourself in these situations, the easier it is to default to the same behavior and actions, hence the pattern. I remember years ago, someone asked me if I had noticed a certain pattern in my job situation. My immediate reaction was “No, that doesn’t happen to me”. However, when I thought back over the question, I started noticing the pattern and I wouldn’t have seen it had they not asked me. Talk about an AHA moment!

Take a moment and look at an area where you’d like something different. Think back to old times, be honest with yourself and ask if this has happened more than once? If you answer yes, then you may have a pattern. 

When you know you have a pattern that you don’t want, then you can do something about it. If you would like my help in letting go of the pattern, book a free discovery call with me.