“I have to work hard!”

Do you have this belief too? I was speaking to a friend and we realised we both had this belief. Our parents come from immigrant backgrounds and had to work very hard to get to where they are. Growing up, this was a strong belief that you only get somewhere through hard work. This was reinforced by the belief being told to us as children and shown to us through our parents being our role models.

Whilst, on the whole, I think it is a good belief to have, it can also work against you if you are not aware of it. If you find yourself having to work hard all the time in order to earn or produce something, it can be very tiring. It can also get you to dismiss areas where things come easily, where you are using your natural talent and skills. Instead, you may even find yourself making it harder (not necessarily consciously) to align it with the belief of “I have to work hard” for it to mean anything.

Our beliefs are so powerful. They influence our thoughts which lead to our feelings about something. These have an impact on our actions and the results that come with them which feedback into the beliefs. Sometimes we are not aware of these beliefs in the background so it’s good to question where your thoughts are coming from and why. 

Do you think you have to work hard?

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