How do you handle big tasks in your life?

There are some things in life that we are not necessarily keen on. One of those things for me is gathering stuff for my tax return. It’s not hard, I just need to get various papers together but still it’s often a task that sits on my list for a while. It’s important but not urgent (until it is ☺).

I was speaking to my husband about it and I found it funny that we had very different approaches. He didn’t want to start gathering his until he knew he had all the necessary inputs to finish it. I on the other hand prefer to do it bite-sized, downloading bank accounts statements in one session, getting share dividends on another, etc. He said that that dragged on too much for him. Once he starts, he wants to be able to finish it.

Imagine a pie-eating competition, not that we have ever been in one but I can see my husband in front of a big pile of pies he’s eating and eating until it’s done. Whereas I would pass by the buffet table and eat one now and then until they are all gone.

Neither way is really right or wrong, just different. What I do know is that both of us love it when we are done! How about you? How do you handle tasks that are bigger than usual? Is it all or nothing or do you do it bite by bite?