“I had to reread one of your blogs a few times to understand what you meant.”

A friend from Toastmasters read my “Show the human side of you” blog post and was a little confused. She said as a non native English speaker, it wasn’t always easy to understand what I was saying.

Time to use the Hemingway App (1) website . You copy your text into it and it tells you which sentences are hard to read and which are very hard to read. It gets you to shorten your sentences. It provides suggestions such as removing adverbs, omitting words or using alternative phrases.

You keep your message simple and straightforward. It benefits everyone and you get your message across.

The app is named after Hemingway as he was famous for writing simple prose. I haven’t been using the app to write my blogs so far but I did with this one to make it bolder and clearer. I tend to use it for longer texts, landing pages, event invitations, etc.

The written word is very important for entrepreneurs. It’s the basis of the communication with our clients. The easier you make it for your clients, the easier you make it for yourself. Happy writing!


1) http://www.hemingwayapp.com/