These days I read a lot of bedtime books to my son.
And some of them stand out because they’re so much fun.
They’re full of rhymes, characters and delightful stories.
To help him learn more with laughter and ease.

I recently bought some more books for him.
And when I went to the about page on a whim (1)
I noticed it was written in a poetic style.
Wow, I was impressed that they went the extra mile.

I’ve written a speech in rhyme before
And love how it gets my brain ticking and more
So I decided to challenge myself today
To see where this goes, come what may.

As a business it’s good to stand out
What is your way? What is your clout?
Do you have clients singing your praise?
Do you have products that beautifully amaze?

What do people come to you for?
Why do people need your services more?
What appeals to them and has them say
You have to go to “so-and-so” today!

Whatever it is that helps you connect
Make and take the time to reflect
We want to build up our client’s trust
This in a business is an absolute must

Being true to yourself is often the key
To show who you are and I’m sure you’ll agree
That it’s time to stand up, be seen and heard
To stand out and be the loved and preferred!


1) Librio books – making your little one the hero