It’s less than 2 weeks till Christmas and I’m far from ready for it. It’s been rather busy leading up to the webinar and there’s plenty to do at home normally anyway. I’ve visited the Christmas market and still didn’t feel that festive until…

I was at the last meeting of my Toastmaster club for 2018. One of the members, Maria had arranged an exchange of gifts and as part of the table topics (spontaneous speaking part), she got people to talk a bit about their gift, then present it to someone in the room and why they chose that person.

It was a really nice surprise and I felt some of the Christmas spirit at last. I’ve been a regular part of this group for more than a year. There’s a wonderful sense of community and everyone is so giving. They give their time and support to help each other grow.

Today I would like you to think of a group that you belong to where you are grateful that you are part of. If you can’t think of such a group and would like one, consider that as a mini goal for you next year to find something that is right for you, be it for business or personal reasons.

With some newfound Christmas spirit, I’m ready to write my Christmas cards, make my annual Christmas photo album and buy a few presents.

Enjoy the Christmas spirit.