I find that around Christmas, our sentences are suddenly peppered with the word “tradition” as people share what they are up to.

Some people have the tradition to stay at home, some go skiing and others visit their families abroad. Some have turkey, ham, fish or chinese fondue. Maybe you have a real Christmas tree, hang stockings or bake cookies.

It seems we all have some sort of tradition around this time, whether it’s to spend it quietly or within the hustle and bustle of a large family.

I asked myself when does a tradition become a tradition? How many times do you need to do something for it to be considered one? Some say just 2 times and the intention to continue makes it enough, whilst others say you need to do it at least 20 times…

We started a tradition of making a Christmas photo album the year my son was born. As you can imagine, it went down extremely well with the grandparents and now they look forward to receiving it. It also gives us a chance to go through the year’s photos otherwise the photos sit in digital cyberspace doing nothing.

I also like having the album ourselves as I flick through it occasionally and look back at what we did over the year. Even though it’s a lot of work, it’s totally worth it. So time for me to knuckle down and make it.

What traditions do you have?


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