I love challenges. I’m a fan of 30 days challenges but 100 days is a totally different beast. It’s more than 3 times a 30 day challenge and my first reaction is… maybe I’ll wait a week before I start it 🙂

This tells me that this is perfect for me to work with since I work with procrastination. So if I start in September, I will complete the challenge in time for Christmas.

I have been inspired by people who have done such challenges, for example 100 days of rejection therapy by Jia Jiang (1) and my mastermind mentor Sigrun who did 100 days of podcasts (2).

So why am I doing this?

  • To inspire you and me to take action in our businesses – like most entrepreneurs, I have a list of things as long as my arm I could be doing to grow my business so let’s take action together.
  • Learn and show what it takes to provide regular content over 100 days. I am curious to see where the challenges lie and what the next few months hold. Can I see it through?
  • Have some fun with the things we procrastinate over. So to add an extra element, I know we are all busy people, I will keep the blog posts to max 240 words (minus the footnotes ☺)

Join me on the ride and let’s overcome procrastination and grow our businesses together!


(1) Watch Day 3 of Jia Jiang’s rejection therapy: – it gives you faith in humanity!
(2) #100: Lessons from 100 Episodes in 100 Days with Sigrun.