As I work with people to overcome procrastination, many struggle with boring tasks or tasks they do not want to do, for example administration work, repetitive work or accounting. It is understandable that they do not want to do this work however it still needs to get done somehow. Unfortunately, a lot of mental energy is wasted worrying about doing the task instead of actually doing it.

This is where my new challenge comes in. Every week, I plan to automate or delegate a system in my business to reduce the time spent on such tasks. I can then concentrate on what I want to do – blog, give talks, workshops and client sessions. Everything else can be automated or outsourced. It feels pretty bold as so far I do everything. Well a challenge is a challenge for a reason. I’ll be sharing so join me if this resonates with you.

Tony Robbins quotes “Where focus goes, energy flows”. So I figure that even if there are a few small changes, they are going to save time, the commodity we all want.

Now I would like to ask for your help and ask where you have automated or delegated tasks and with which tools. Hope that you can share your experiences so I can learn. This challenge feels harder than the 100 day blogging challenge as I’m not sure where to start but let’s start somewhere.