When I announced my new challenge last week, I received a number of helpful ideas about how to get started with automating and delegating tasks. They were mainly about getting systems setup for eating properly. This was a good reminder to get the basics like the household, eating, exercise, sleep, etc. in order.

From a business perspective, there’s accounting, planning, marketing, sales, invoicing to name a few. It sounded overwhelming until I thought about starting somewhere and take it step by step from there.

Over the last week, I’ve watched a couple of episodes of Tidying up with Marie Kondo, a new series on Netflix. I read her book (1) a few years ago and it serves as a fantastic reminder to get the household in order. It’s been an interesting watch as she visits families with different challenges. The first was with a household with toddlers and the next a retired couple with 3 generations of stuff to sort.

She has a clear system on how to organize starting with your clothes, books, documents, miscellaneous and then sentimental items. What differs with her approach is that everything you have should “spark joy”. She gets you to hone this skill as you work through the categories.

I admit that I fell off the bandwagon but the good thing is, it’s easy to put back into place. So that is where I will start. Go through my clothes sparking joy again. Join me?


1) Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo