I sat down last night and planned a basic meal plan (1) for the upcoming weeks. When I say basic, it’s truly basic, Monday: beef, Tuesday veg, Wednesday chicken, Thursday veg, Friday fish. Each night, I have listed three recipe options per evening which I can cycle through.

The old me would have shouted “NOOOO, where’s the variety?”. The new me is saying “Yes, this is so much more efficient, you don’t have to think so much. You’re working up until 5pm, you pick your little boy up, when do you have the time to think of new meals and cook them?”

We went one step further and listed out activities to do with our little boy. The default has unfortunately been TV, which is an easy option for us as parents after a long day. We had a list of activities like playdough, crafting, drawing, etc but we weren’t getting around to them.

Now I just need to look at the board and see what’s for dinner and what activity we are doing. It may sound boring but boring is good for the time being while we become more efficient. This is all theory so far, but I feel it’s a good start.

You may ask how is this related to business? Getting the basics in order with a happy family I believe is the foundation, paving the way to be more efficient with my work. Do you have routines that work well for you? Please share.


1) Thanks to all of you that suggesting meal planning and how it works for you in your household. I’ve also worked with Danna Levy Hoffmann of Organilicious for a while now so using some of her fab and healthy recipes.