Are you afraid of missing out? It’s when you have your thumb in so many pies because you think you will miss something? I wrote about this in an old blog post (1) and I was reminded of it again. I often wonder why I have to face the same lesson again and again before it sinks in.

Whilst trying to become more efficient, I’ve noticed how thinly spread I am. I am part of my Toastmasters club committee and we are about to go into speech contest season. Whilst I was gung ho last year about competing, my health took a turn at the beginning of the year. I really had to stop for a moment and question my priorities. A part of me wants to compete whilst another part is saying “Hold your horses, you’ve already got too much on your plate”.

After a good long chat with my friend and coach Edson, he reminded me that we sometimes think we have to do everything now but we don’t. When we can park things aside and focus on something, we will get more traction than if we try to accomplish everything at the same time. It makes sense. One thing at a time. It was a good reminder.

If you, like me, occasionally have a moment where you are afraid of missing out, take a deep breath and decide what is the most important thing for you now and focus on that. How do you handle FOMO?


1) Parking projects blog post