Years ago, I used to get a little panicky around 5pm on Saturday nights. Why you wonder?

When I was a teenager, I used to work in my parents takeaway shop and Saturday nights were the busiest night. We had to get everything ready by 5pm as once the shop opened, the phone would not stop ringing. I would put the phone down and it would immediately start ringing again. I just had a moment to pass the order into the kitchen before taking the next order. Not to forget that people were walking into the shop as well. The orders had to be checked before they were handed out so at times, it was chaos both in the kitchen and at the counter serving clients.

It would quieten down around 9pm and we would all breathe. My mind and body were on high alert for a few hours and I started anticipating it every Saturday night around 5pm. Even years later, I just needed to think about it and I would start getting a bit panicky. If this happens now, I breathe, remind myself I’m not a teenager anymore and let it go.

If you have moments of anxiety or worry, try to become aware of what triggered it and the thoughts and beliefs associated. By understanding where it comes from, you can start letting go.

What triggers you?