Last night, I gave my second 5 keys to create a side business free webinar (1) and about an hour before, I could feel the nerves coming. It made me wonder if nerves ever go away?

Throughout the year, I give a number of speeches, either at Toastmasters or in companies and every time before I get on stage, I start pacing a bit. My breathing gets a bit shallower and I start getting nervous, no matter how many times I have given the speech.

The first time is always the toughest for me as it feels like I’m really venturing into the unknown. It’s stepping out of my comfort zone into the development zone. It normally gets easier and easier the more I do it.

I remember asking my good friend Olivia Schofield, an international speaker and presentation coach, what she recommended. She told me to think of it like collecting excitement and energy and then firing it out like table tennis balls, focused and targeted when on stage.

Once I’m giving the talk or webinar, I’m usually fine. It’s just the moments before. Do I really want my nerves to go away? When I think about it, I don’t. It reminds me that I’m growing and that I’m stretching myself and that I’m alive. Life would be super boring if we didn’t feel any fear or excitement.

So my nerves can stay. What do you say about this?


1) The 5 keys to create your side business webinar replay is available until the 21st January.