I have a lot of drawers and cupboards in my flat. Lurking behind most doors are piles of stuff. Some of it is in relative order and some doors need to be shut quickly so things don’t fall out.

Onwards and upwards with the decluttering mission, the kitchen utensil drawer got my attention. Over the years, we have accumulated various kitchen gadgets from peelers and whisks to things we rarely use like cookie cutters or a potato press (1).

Everything was on top of each other, so if you needed something in the drawer, you would have to sift through everything, pulling pieces out and still not find what you were looking for. Often things would be hiding in plain sight.

To tackle this, I found a couple of small clear boxes from Sostrene Grene, a wonderful shop that sells all sort of things to do with the home. Using these, I categorized the baking and the wine accessories, leaving place for the rest. Some of the utensils found new homes and others were retired. Every item received a permanent home so I know where to look.

And now…. I no longer spend minutes finding something, I just open the drawer and what I want is accessible in seconds. Not only am I saving myself time, I’m saving our family’s sanity.

Funny what a difference a couple of clear boxes can make. Where could you do with a clear box?


1) I had never seen a potato press until I went to Sweden:
2) Sostrene Grene: A cool Scandinavian design inspired shop.