I often get asked how I get speaking engagements. I remember discussing this years ago with Mike, my accountability buddy, when I was also starting out getting paid opportunities. He suggested that when out networking and meeting to introduce myself as a speaker, so literally say “I am a speaker”.

There’s something powerful about these words “I am…” It’s like you are telling yourself and the world that you are something. This can be used in a positive and negative sense, for example, I am fit and healthy or I am no good at Geography. Your mind and body will align themselves to what you are consciously saying about yourself. 

It reminds me of an old blog post I read many years ago when I was getting into personal development. It was from Steve Pavlina. He asked what would happen if you put a fit person into the body of someone who was overweight? It would feel wrong to them because that was not who they were and they would start making changes straight away. They would immediately change their diet, exercise and make lifestyle changes because that image of themselves would not resonate with them.

So let’s say there is something you want to do or become, start saying “I am…” and fill in what it is you want. Start stepping into the new shoes and see what behaviours would go with this new role.  So what are you?