Have you ever been in the situation where you were going back and forth, not being able to make a decision? I’ve worked on this topic myself and with clients. The root and causes are limitless however I have noticed some themes.

The obvious one would be that you have made a decision in the past that has led to an undesirable outcome. Now your subconscious mind is trying to protect you from future undesirable outcomes, hence stopping you from taking a decision.

Another is that you are currently familiar with your situation and taking a decision would mean venturing into the unknown and unfamiliar. This also involves risk hence the hesitation.

There may also have been a time where you don’t know what caused the outcome, therefore you are reluctant to move forward because you do not know what caused it and you are afraid of it happening again. 

Other times, you may have been stuck between a rock and a hard place, so damned if you do and damned if you do not, hence better to stay put. 

As you can see, the combinations are aplenty and could be a number of the above. This would explain why it’s not always easy to take a decision. Fortunately, with most decisions, you can move forward and change direction if it’s not fully aligned with what you can do. 

So rather than going back and forth, it’s time to make a decision or decide not to decide