Have you ever re-watched a movie only to see something different? I have watched the Christmas Chronicles movie about 40 odd times. My little boy watched it over Christmas and loved it so much, it has been on repeat loop ever since. Every time I see it I notice something new.  

Perhaps you have had a book sit on your bookshelf for ages, only for you to pick it up, perhaps years later and it was exactly what you needed.

Sometimes it’s good to reread an old book as the lessons learnt will be completely different from the first time around. That’s because you are a different person in all senses. You are older, wiser, have experienced more and will take something new from it now.

I tend to buy most of my books on my Kindle as I love being able to download a book at night or on a tram. However, we still have some physical books, so occasionally we go through our bookshelves and see if they are still relevant. If they aren’t, I take them to my local “Buch Brocki” (1) so someone else can enjoy them. It serves as a good declutter and makes space for new things.

So, look over your bookshelf and see what treasures are there. You never know, just what you need right now may be sitting there.

So which book are you going to pick up again?


1) Buch Brockenhaus (Book Thrift Store)