Last month, I wrote about speeding up videos (1) and how I often liked to watch my videos at 1.5x the speed. This morning, my husband sent me a link for an even quicker way to speeden up Youtube videos. Even quicker than a few clicks – I like it

It’s an extension for Chrome called Youtube Playback Speed Control (2), sorry if you do not use Chrome. If you do, when you add it, it appears in the toolbar of Chrome. I selected Options and went to Setttings (3).

You can pick the key you want to increase or decrease your speed. I picked the Down button to decrease speed and the Up button to increase speed as shown in the picture. 

It’s a nifty little keyboard shortcut that allows you play your video faster or slower without having to click around. Ok, maybe I am a little bit of a geek at heart and I like these little productivity tips. 

Hope that you can benefit from it too and watch videos at the right pace for you. Happy watching!


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