I’ve been wanting to set up some sort of saving scheme for my little boy ever since he was born. He just turned 4. You know one of those important but not urgent tasks. Our bank must have known that people want to do such things but never get round to it. Very smartly, they launched a marketing campaign with an incentive and a deadline to participate.

It was a good chance to take them up on their offer and within an hour of meeting the representative, a regular saving system with automated transactions was setup. It was a relief to have it done. It was one of these open loops that just nagged away at me every time I thought about savings for him. 

There are so many things in our business that we could get setup as a system and this serves as a reminder for me too. For example, setting up automated email sequences, standing orders, calendar booking systems, etc. Once setup and perhaps tweaked now and then, they run by themselves. Of course, it takes a bit of effort initially but the payoff in the long run is worth it.

Perhaps there’s been a system you have wanted to setup? Now’s the time to do it. Block a time in your calendar now. Once it’s done, it’ll give you the time back multiple fold. What system are you going to setup?