Rather than schedule works into your calendar, consider unscheduling it. Every time I see something about procrastination in the news, I’m eager to find out what it is they have to say.

There was an interesting article from the BBC entitled The Smart Guide to Procrastination (1). In it, there was the concept of only scheduling in the things you are looking forward to and things that are good for you into your calendar, such as going for lunch with a friend, going for a run, a good night’s sleep, etc.  The idea is that when you look at your calendar, you look at things you want to do rather than “have” to do and you fit your work around it. The article then says “You just have to get started”, which is often easier said than done. 

I haven’t come across this before so I’m going to try it out myself to see how it plays out. In the past, I have defined tasks to do in my calendar so let’s see what happens when I take them out. I like the sound of it as it takes some of the pressure off. It’s one of those things where you have to try on for size and see if it fits or not. 

Have you tried this before and does it work for you? Are you up for trying it out in your calendar? Let me know your thoughts.


1) BBC – The smart guide to procrastination