My husband has a big task on his plate. That’s to build a mini weightlifting gym in our cellar. It’s a reasonably sized room so from a space perspective, it’s doable.

However, having lived in the same place for more than 13 years, a lot has accumulated there. There’s sports stuff, kid stuff, tax returns, food gadgets, bottles of wine, wardrobes, books, you name it, it’s probably down there.

He’s moved boxes and boxes up to the flat to sort. I’ve been letting go of old company documents, even training files from my old corporate job and that was quite a few years ago. It’s both refreshing to do this but also at the same time, it’s been a daunting task.

What we both realized is how important it is to celebrate the small steps along the way. When he was feeling disheartened that this would never end, we looked at how far he had come. For a start, we could see the floor. He managed to sell some items on Ricardo (1), he’s done numerous carloads to the Brockenhaus and the dump. And step by step, it’s getting there. 

It’s human nature to want everything done and dusted as quickly as possible but what he can be very proud of is that he’s knuckling down and doing the work. 

When it’s tough, I recommended he imagine himself lifting weights in the gym. 

I can also see the gym. It’s going to be great!


1) Ricardo