Plug in a couple of keywords into Portent’s Title Maker (1) and you’ll be presented with a whole host of silly titles to get you thinking. “What Mum never told you about blog topics” was one of them.

People often ask me how I find topics for blogging and it was the subject of my business mentor’s last call. I often write about insights I have had over the last week, any quirks, ponderings or aha moments I’ve had with my clients or in life.

If you are ever stuck with what to write about, check out answerthepublic.com (2) and type in a keyword. You’ll be presented with a graphic representation of google searches associated with that word. It gives you a lot of information on what is relevant for people out there. 

For example, I typed in hypnotherapy and it came up with 127 questions, for example, “Can hypnotherapy help with confidence?”, “How does hypnotherapy work?” etc. It also provided associations like “Hypnotherapy for anxiety”, “Hypnotherapy to get pregnant”, etc.  So plenty of ideas to get started.

You can also write about industry trends and your ideas and views. You can pick a stance, be controversial, be bold and ruffle a few feathers. You will attract those people and clients that resonate with what you say. 

So I bet your mum never told you how easy it is to find a blog topic. Happy Blogging.


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  2. https://answerthepublic.com/