Back in December, my parents asked me to speak to Alex, a young graduate, the son of one of their friends. He was looking for work so I went through his CV with him.  Speaking to him, I realized how keen he was to better himself and he told me he was interested in personal development. 

I decided to introduce him to my good friend and coach Edson. I felt that he could learn a thing or two from Edson. They had some good discussions. I know Edson hates seeing talent going to waste and agreed to coach him. They decided to document their journey with both of them blogging about the experience, from a coach (1) and a coachee (2) perspective.  

The first condition Edson set Alex was to train at the gym twice a week. He did and he’s keeping it up. He’s starting to build a healthy foundation by getting his body in shape first. They moved onto the pleasure vs pain principle getting Alex to think about what life would be like in 20 years time if he didn’t change anything. It sounded like a rather painful experience for Alex.

I’m excited to see where this journey leads Alex. Thanks Edson and Alex for providing a window into a personal journey that I am sure will help others too. 

I look forward to the day I see the title: In shape, in work, not living with my parents


1) Edson Perspective on Lead by Example 

2) Alex Perspective on Alex’s Journey