You have to check out this fantastic video (1) by my friend Michelle Sabatini, a Body Learning practitioner. I’ve known her for many years, having originally met her at an expo. 

Even though I have experienced her amazing work, it wasn’t always easy to describe what she does. I think this video does a great job explaining it. 

There are many ways we can work on ourselves. Michelle works with people through their bodies. We often store old emotions and feelings in the body and this can manifest in different ways, through aches, pains, and discomfort. She helps people recognize where these come from and helps them release it through touch, breathing and expressing their emotions.

As entrepreneurs, we are on a constant personal development journey. It has been fascinating to watch Michelle grow in so many ways with a beautiful website and now a cool video that she can be very proud of. 

Although the video is just a couple of minutes long, I would like to highlight just how much effort goes into such productions. It takes time to hone the message you want to give. You go back and forth with the illustrator, producer, and voice over person to convey what you want. It takes time, expense and effort. It is a personal development journey in itself.

Congratulations Michelle and kudos to you for your constant growth and commitment to helping your clients. May many more people become aware of the wonderful work you do.


1) Body Learning