Do you have something on your task list that you do not want to do?  Here’s a way you can get yourself to do it. Find something that’s even harder. I’m partly joking, partly being serious. 

If you are struggling with procrastination anyway, why not use it to your advantage. Let’s take an example, say you’re not keen on writing a blog post but you hate doing your accounts more, then have them both on your to-do list.

The danger can be that you do neither and end up doing all the small bits and pieces on your list. That’s where I would start involving someone to help you. Sit down and tell them that you are going to work at the same time with them (this can be in person or by a conferencing tool) and these are the only two topics you are allowed to work on. 

Your natural instinct may be to avoid one of the tasks, so at least you get one of the “less horrible” tasks done. Admittedly, this is a bit of a hack. It would make more sense to work on what the real cause of the procrastination is, however you have to be willing and ready to work on it.

Like I said, I’m partly joking, partly being serious about putting something harder to do on your task list but you never know, this might work for you. Try it out and see.