When I was working as a Client Advisor, it was important that we had investments ourselves, to have some skin in the game as they say. Otherwise, you wouldn’t feel the market the same way as the clients were with all its ups and downs. 

It also has a very important signal value – if you aren’t ready to invest in the products that you are selling you probably should change your strategy or move to someplace where you are willing to do so.

I’ve also seen where this plays a part for mastermind groups, courses, consulting services and more. People put in more effort and take it more seriously when they have paid for these services. They value it more as they have had to sacrifice/invest something themselves to be able to join.

I once heard of a personal trainer who would charge his clients GBP 10K of which they would receive GBP 8K back if and only if they completed the program. If that isn’t some skin in the game and an incentive to complete, I don’t know what is. 

Another example is donating to a cause or political party you don’t agree with. Just imagine yourself parting money to something like that. Horrible right? 

Want to get yourself moving? If there is something you really want to do but it’s not happening, how can you get some more skin in the game?