Have you ever been to a meeting where there was no agenda? Was it hard to get started or was it anyways clear what everyone wanted to get out of the meeting? 

I’m a big believer in taking the time away from your usual day-to-day activities, giving the space needed to think, strategize and plan. I have three “retreats” coming up in close succession with three different groups. One is part of the mastermind group I belong to, another with my accountability buddies and the third with my husband. 

What I’ve really liked from my previous retreats is coming away with a workable plan. In the past, the retreats I attended were more spaced out so I often had different things on each plan. Since these are all pretty much back to back and learning from previous experience, I look forward to having 3 goals in 3 months rather than 9 things –  ☺


One helpful tip is setting a meeting agenda so everyone knows what to expect. We all join with a better expectation of what can be achieved in the time allocated. We also make sure we get to work on something that is important to us.


My accountability buddies, two amazing coaches and I will offer a retreat next year so we are preparing the groundwork for this. We are going through it and honing it ourselves to make it an amazing experience for those joining us. Maybe you can join us at a retreat soon. Watch this space 



1) Photo: taking a break in the River Limmat after some brainstorming sessions.