“Mike, your wish is coming true. You said you wanted to attract more men to the club. Well, here they are”.

I’ve been part of a new lunchtime Toastmasters club for a couple of years now. My accountability buddy Mike was running for president and asked me to join the committee last year. Over the year, the club has been growing and growing and a few months ago, he commented that there were mainly women and it would be nice to attract a few men to the club.

I hadn’t noticed it but when I looked at the list, he was right, it was about 80% women and 20% men. There’s nothing wrong with this ratio, it’s just nice to have a balance. We elected the new committee and we jokingly said to Mike that in his new role as Vice President of Public Relations it was his job to find more men.

At our last meeting, we were pleasantly surprised but also a little bit shocked by the number of new guests. Sure, our previous few meetings have been special ones with just speeches and an election, so it was the first time we had had a normal meeting in a while.

We were a packed room of 23 people; 13 members and 10 guests, of which 6 were men. And one of the men signed up as a member. Mike’s request was heard.

I guess with anything in life, we first have to set the intention. 

What intention will you set?