It was time for my mastermind group to meet up again. The highlight of this mastermind was Jenne Ragazzo’s (1) Releasing Emotions through Art workshop in Oerlikon. 

Jenne started guiding us with a Chinese element meditation, taking us to a relaxed and meditative state. We felt safe and looked after in her hands. Then we were free to express whatever came up first using a dominant colour followed by whatever called us.

Being in this meditative state allowed us to go with the flow, to not be in our heads and just allow what needed to come out. It was peaceful, rewarding and satisfying. I started delving in, exploring, using different colours, a sponge, paintbrushes, and my fingers, just going with it.

Everyone felt a sense of release and also many commented on how wonderful a medium paint is to get things flowing. It’s funny to see how our personalities and behaviours shone through, with some going deeper and deeper not being able to stop, others being done quickly, some tweaking their painting more and more. 

The use of colours was important for some, symbolic and bold. Some started with white, went through all the colours and later brought back white to start all over but with a rich palette beneath. 

I am looking forward to the next workshop and more opportunities where I can let loose, try different things and explore my own space, limits, and boundaries.

Time to get the paint out.


1) Jenne Ragazzo