Do you like to see your progress visually? I understand why webpages have updating bars or spinning airplanes because it tells the user something is happening. It’s saying Be Patient, we’re getting there.

I’ll be honest, this 100 day blogging challenge is challenging! So I thought about how I could see my progress more visually. I guess there’s a thousand ways I could have done it; moved 100 paperclips from one jar to another, go by percentage (18% by the way), give myself reward stickers, etc.

I decided on the “Don’t break the chain” productivity technique. It’s accredited to Jerry Seinfeld (1) where he said in order to become better at writing jokes, he would write one a day and put a big red mark on his calendar. You start seeing a chain of Xs so by doing something everyday, you are creating the chain. Don’t miss a day – don’t break the chain.

Seinfeld denies it was his idea (2). Nonetheless, I find it useful and created my own including a couple of milestones (3). It’s rather satisfying, putting another cross down, especially for those of you out there that love checking things off your task list ☺

It’s particular helpful for daily tasks. However if you want to have breaks, then set some rules, for example, a break every Sunday. Since you have factored it in, you are still creating your chain.

Where do you want to build consistency?


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2 ) Jerry Seinfeld’s reddit answer

3) My 100 days checklist