As I headed out to the airport to attend my friend’s wedding in Taiwan, I had a feeling I had forgotten something. My husband said you only need your passport and cards and you can sort the rest there. The only time you really can’t get on a flight is if you don’t have your passport (and visas for some places).

A friend was recently giving a demonstration speech at Toastmasters and a part of her equipment was missing. She was about to run home to get it but realized that she could improvise and she did a great job without. No one would have even noticed had she not said anything.

It’s the same with launching products and services. You think you need to have everything in place before you launch but in reality, you don’t. It’s sometimes better to get started without having everything in place so that you can be more flexible and adaptable. You can improvise with what you have.  

When I got to my destination and I unpacked, I realized I was missing a number of things like hair conditioner, some makeup, etc but it was fine. I was able to borrow things off some of the guests or I could have bought it there, so there was no need to worry.

So, next time you have that feeling that you have forgotten something, just go with the flow and improvise with what you have. It will all work out in the end.