“When I had made my decision to make a change, I painted my nails red and put a ring on my small finger. Every time I saw my fingers, I was reminded of my decision”.

My mastermind buddy Isa Hiemann told us the story of how she reminded herself every day of her decision to make a change in her career. Like most of us, she worked on a computer, so you can imagine that she saw her nails and ring all the time. That way, she was constantly reminded what she needed to do.

Recently, my friend told me that he had found a good way to get his 3 tasks done in a day. He stuck up yellow post-it notes on his computer and he could only get rid of them once he had done the task. He said he liked this as post-it notes are annoying and you want to get rid of them. I guess he also enjoyed scrunching them up afterward and throw them in the bin. Satisfying.

I guess the danger is if you use something too long that you get used to it and you no longer see it. I know people who put daily reminders in their calendar which worked at the beginning but after a while, they no longer saw them.  Things can get normal very quickly so it’s important to shake things up so it can still hold your attention.

What reminders do you use?