Last week, I was at my retreat offsite and whilst talking about the topic of what worked and what didn’t over the past year around everyday habits, a strong recurring message came up: Convenience.

I noticed that when things were easy, accessible and convenient, then I was more likely to keep it as a habit. This ranged from skincare routine to regular exercise, from eating healthy food to staying in touch with people. The more convenient it is, the better.

Anything that requires me to think more, even a fraction of a second more, is often too much. You know when you go to a restaurant and there are only three things to choose from, you come to a decision quicker. This is often why having fewer choices and things around often make things easier. You need to use less brainpower.

After our discussions at the retreat, I decided to make some simple changes. For example, empty my bathroom cabinet and only put back the things I truly use. Everything else is just clutter and noise.  

It applies to our clients too, if we make it convenient to get in touch and work with us, then it makes their lives easier too. I’m going to look into my booking system to make it as convenient as possible for everyone involved.

Does convenience also make a difference for you? What do you do to make things easier for yourself?