I sat in a rocking chair when I was thinking about quitting my corporate job.

Are you familiar with the rocking chair test? It’s a tool that is used to help with some of the bigger decisions in life, like moving country, changing jobs, setting up your own business and for everyday life too.

The scenario is that you are old and sitting in your rocking chair and you look back on your life. You ask yourself if you were to relive your life, what would you do differently. Would you spend more time with your family? Would you regret not taking the opportunity to live in another country? Would you wonder what life would have been like had you had the guts to start your own business?

I did this test years ago when wanting to set up my own business. I just knew that I would regret it if I didn’t so I decided to quit my job and setup. My life has been a lot more interesting since and there are no regrets. 

At the time, I told myself that I can go back if I need to. This made the decision easier and can work with a lot of things. Let’s take moving countries, if you don’t like it, you can move back but if you don’t move, there may be “what if” questions flying around.

Even without a big question, take a seat and see how you feel.