“I’ve been working on myself a lot this year”

“What about saying you are loving yourself more instead of saying you are working on yourself?”

Hmmm…I paused and took in what my accountability buddy Mike said. He often gives me a reason to ponder and think. I liked how he had reframed what I had said. What I have been saying to myself sounds like hard work and effort but what he said, which essentially was the same thing, was much kinder and loving.

There are moments where I think “Shall I do this now?”, for example, making myself a smoothie or moisturizing or whatever it is, I’m now reminded of this conversation. When I say “I’m loving myself more”, it’s easy for me to do what is right for me. It gives that extra little nudge or support to give myself more self -love.

Self-love is a big topic for many people. We are often much kinder to others than we are to ourselves. When we start treating ourselves as well as we do others, we’ll all be happier. 

There are many ways we can love ourselves more – being mindful of what we want and need, looking after our thoughts and body, setting healthy boundaries, forgiving ourselves, expressing ourselves how we want and living life with purpose and intention.

So if you feel you’ve been “working on yourself”, try saying that you are “loving yourself more”. See how it feels.