Today, I celebrate my 200th blog post. * Happy Dance *

With such milestones, it’s time to reflect and ask some questions so why not here?

How do I feel about reaching the 200 mark?

Surprised, it’s come about so quickly. I know we are halfway into the year but still. It’s crept up. I’m also happy that I’ve managed to keep up the consistency.

What’s been the best thing about writing the blog?

Quite a few things, I love it when people talk to me about the blogs and which ones resonated with them. I also love having the blog as a form of expression, giving me an opportunity to voice my views, aha moments and what’s going on in my life.

What has been the most challenging about writing the blog?

Probably writing to a weekly deadline. I’m supposed to send everything to my Virtual Assistant by Thursday but there have been a few occasions where she’s only received them Friday. It works though.

Are you going to continue writing?

Yes, for the foreseeable future. At the 100 blog mark, I decided to reduce to writing 4 days a week so I didn’t have to write at the weekend or on the day I have my little boy. That was a good decision. I thought about whether to change the schedule to make space for new things but no changes for now. 

Thanks for reading this far in