Have you ever caught yourself saying “I’d never do that”? And then have to swallow your words at some point in the future.

I sure have. The most obvious is all the things I said I would never do if I had kids. Years ago, I saw my friend lose it when her kid ran on the road. I had not seen my friend react like that before, as she was normally so calm. This was a classic – I’d never do that. Yesterday, I had to swallow my words as my little boy ran off near a really busy road. That was on top of him testing my limits all day. 

There are a few other things like I’d never have crumbs under the table, never let my child get away with not clearing up their toys, never have drawn on the wall or in books. Hah! My words have all come back to haunt me and that’s just a few examples.

It’s easy to judge when you’re not in the situation yourself. My friends who have children nod and give a knowing smile as they listen to what’s going on. It’s like they’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt. It’s rather humbling as your kids get you to swallow many words you have said.

So next time you catch yourself about to say “I’d never do that”, pause, give yourself an exit and consider saying “I hope I don’t do that” instead. 😉