My friend Astuti looked beautiful in her black and white dress. As she sat at the front speaking about her burnout, the room was listening. She recalled how she felt, how she only shared what was going on with a few people and what she did and needed during those days.  

As I sat there watching, it struck me how many layers there were of women supporting women. First of all, the book (1) had been the brainchild of a successful entrepreneur JB Owen who got together 35 inspiring women to share a significant time in their life where they had overcome adversity. The idea was by sharing their story to help and support others. Some of the topics aren’t common yet others very familiar; homelessness, trauma, heartache, grief and more.  

The room was full of women, some coming to support the speakers and others interested in the topic. We were in a beautiful co-working space Birdhaus (2), a place for women to work on their business, network and support one another.

That evening, there were some friends helping out, one even coming from Paris to be there. Without trying to sound too doe-eyed, it made me appreciate that there are many women supporting women and we should do more of it. 

I’m lucky to have fantastic women in my life who inspire and push me, who look out for me and I’m grateful for that. Who do you have and who do you support?


  1. Ignite your life for Women Book
  2. Birdhaus Co Working Space