I feel like a bit of a dinosaur. I just created my first “zap”. I’ve known about Zapier (1) for quite a while now but hadn’t created any zaps despite knowing that it would help me with efficiency.

Zapier is a tool that helps you connect some of your favourite applications, such as Gmail, slack, etc. You can automate repetitive tasks without coding.

So if this is something you have been thinking about for a while, take this as a sign to setup a zap.

So my very first “zap” sends email addresses from a google spreadsheet to my email list saving me a whole load of copying and pasting or downloading and uploading ☺

I must admit, it was pretty easy, I just needed to allow access to these tools and decide what the workflow would be.

So take my example last week, whenever someone signed up for my online course through the google form, their email address was saved into a google spreadsheet. 

This event triggered a new subscriber update in Mailerlite, my email provider. Once there, a whole new automation process run by Mailerlite kicks off with a welcome email to them.

So one of my dreams is to have as many processes being run in the background as possible. I’ve had my fair share of copying and pasting and I want to move onto bigger and better things 😉

What zaps do you have?


1) Zapier.com